The ASKÖ Center Eggenberg

© ASKÖ Steiemark

The ASKÖ sports centre is located close to the beautiful Eggenberg castle with a big park around. Perfect for those who need a short break and fresh air after some hours in the gym.

The sports complex is composed of 2 big gyms, a track and field area, a football field and a newly built indoor track and field practice area. The main gym with wooden floor in the size of a handball field has opened its doors in spring 2014. It offers sufficient locker rooms, seating for 600 spectators, two additional rooms for warm up and physiotherapy, meeting rooms and a Sports Cafeteria.

© Fürnschuß

Important note for those arriving by car: there are parking spaces on the street, but they are not free of charge. You can pay at vending machines in the street.

Also close to the competition venue (approx. 150 m), you find the „Rudolf’s Erlebnisbrauerei“.

© Fürnschuß

Even though it looks quite cozy and small, the location can accomodate 280 persons to eat at the same time.

© Fürnschuß

You can choose your meals from a buffet, including salad for lunch and salad and soup for dinner. Meals for people with special food requirements (vegan, food intolerances, etc.) can be requested via the registration form and will be provided separately, to guarantee that the number of pre-ordered special meals go to the right people.

There are no extra drinks provided in the ASKÖ Sports Centre, but the tap water in Austria is drinkable. So you just need to fill your water bottle.